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The NIH National Cancer Institute states there are more than 100 types of cancer. Types of cancer are usually named for the organs or tissues where the cancers form. For example, lung cancer starts in cells of the lung, and brain cancer starts in cells of the brain. Cancers also may be described by the type of cell that formed them, such as an epithelial cell or a squamous cell.

You can search NCI’s website for information on specific types of cancer based on the cancer’s location in the body or by using our A to Z List of Cancers. They also have collections of information on childhood cancers and cancers in adolescents and young adults.

According to the Northeast Regional Cancer Institute, each year, 439 residents of Carbon County are diagnosed with cancer and about 171 die from the disease.

They report the most commonly diagnosed cancers in Carbon County are:
Lung Cancer (61 cases per year),
Breast Cancer (female) (57 cases per year),
Prostate Cancer (50 cases per year),
Colorectal Cancer (37 cases per year) and
Cancer of the Urinary Bladder (28 cases per year).

Over the last two years, Turn To Us assisted 53 individuals diagnosed with cancer.

Financial Assistance


Turn To Us offers 4 financial assistance programs to clients who completed an application and submitted proof of diagnosis.

Keegan’s Kash – assists clients and their families with medical bills, medical equipment, and therapeutic needs.  Upon approval of their application, Turn To Us provides financial assistance paid directly to the company, not through a check or cash given directly to the client.

Utility Assistance – assists clients and their families with electric, heating, and water bills.  Upon approval of their application, Turn To Us provides financial assistance paid directly to the company, not through a check or cash given directly to the client.

Krysta’s Miles That Matter Gas Gift Cards – Krysta’s Miles That Matter is a partnership with The Krysta Hankee Memorial Fund and Turn To Us to provide clients with gas gift cards from Giant and other local gas stations to ease the financial strain of traveling back and forth to treatments and appointments.

Grocery Store Gift Cards – assists clients who are food insecure with Aldi, Redners, and other grocery store gift cards.  Cards are ONLY to be used on food.


Emotional Support

Being diagnosed with cancer may feel stressful and overwhelming. It’s normal to feel anxious, afraid, angry, or depressed.

From the National Cancer Institute:

Cancer support groups are meetings for people with cancer and anyone touched by the disease. They can have many benefits. Even though a lot of people receive support from friends and family, the number one reason they join a support group is to be with others who have similar cancer experiences. Some research shows that joining a support group improves both quality of life and survival.

Support groups can:

  • Help you feel better, more hopeful, and not so alone
  • Give you a chance to talk about your feelings and work through them
  • Help you deal with practical problems, such as problems at work or school
  • Help you cope with side effects of treatment

Cancer Support Community –
Greater Lehigh Valley

Providing professional programs of emotional support, education and hope for people affected by cancer at no charge so that no one faces cancer alone.

Whether you are newly diagnosed, in treatment, years beyond treatment, living with metastatic disease or are a loved one of someone with cancer, they have programs and services to support you. You are not alone. They are here for you.

They work with leading healthcare, wellness, legal and financial professionals to provide you with trusted information regarding your medical, emotional, practical and lifestyle concerns. They offer their programs and services in different formats so you can access them when and how you need them. If you miss a program, don’t worry; they record many sessions so you can watch or listen to them any time. All of their programs and services are offered at no cost to you. 

In Person
Gather and connect with other people who have also been impacted by cancer while learning the latest medical and quality-of-life updates from leading experts in the field.

Learn more about in person programs by visiting the program calendar.

Their online programs and services provide the same useful information as our in-person programs, but with the convenience of participating from your computer, tablet or smartphone.

By Phone
Reach out to their Helpline and speak with someone who has been there, too.

In Print
Frankly Speaking About Cancer® is the Cancer Support Community’s landmark cancer education series that provides reliable information on a variety of topics important to people affected by cancer. You can read their guides online or request free print copies.

Support Groups

Click HERE for a list of suppot groups for a wide range of cancers from NHI National Cancer Institute.








Check out CSCGLV’s event calander:

Connection to Resources


Turn To Us connects clients to local and national resources.  

Thanks to our high school interns Tyler, Sarah, and Cheyenne, Turn To Us assembled a comprehensive cancer resource guide.  

Click below for the guide:

TurnToUs Cancer Support Resource Guide

Welcome CareBag


Turn To Us provides free Welcome CareBags to clients who complete an application and submit proof of diagnosis.  Bags are mailed or delivered.

Items for the first set of 150 bags were purchased through a grant from Janssen and donations from community members and Dr. Helene Woodmancy.

  • Blanket
  • Tissues
  • Hand sanitizer
  • Crayons
  • Children’s books
  • Coloring books
  • Activity books – Sudoku, Crossword, Wordfind
  • Bubbles
  • PlayDoh
  • Notebook
  • Planner
  • Folder
  • Highlighter
  • Burt’s Bees Lip Balm (cancer patients only)
  • Reusable, plastic utensils (cancer patients only)
  • Toothbrushes
  • Biotene (cancer patients only)

Bags also contain branded water bottles, pen, and “I am not alone” bracelet.

Contents vary based on diagnosis and age.