Thinking "do I qualify for their help?"  If you have a major or chronic illness, then YES.

Our assistance is free to individuals and their families in Carbon County, Tamaqua, and surrounding towns who are impacted by a major or chronic illness.  There are NO age, financial, or specific disease requirements.

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YOU Can Help

It is easy to help!  You can attend events, join the fundraising team, volunteer, donate in-kind goods or services, make a monetary donation, make cards, or simply SHARE our mission with someone who is sick.



We jam pack as much into one year as we can!  Client only events during the holidays.  Community Outreach programs - Autism Support, Girls Night Out, Guys Night Out, and Family Events. Attend community events.  Host fundraisers - Raise The Stakes Casino Night and Row Run Ride are our signature events.

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Giving back HOPE!

Turn To Us is a unique nonprofit in that we fill the gaps where other organizations fall short.  Our assistance is at no cost.  We do not have age, financial or specific disease requirements.

We assist people with either chronic or severe medical illnesses. Our purpose is to advocate for the sick by offering personalize assistance and connection to available resources in a compassionate and hopeful environment. We help connect clients to the resources and services they need, when insurance companies and other places can't or won't help. We have helped get clients new housing when they lost theirs due to loss of job from illness. We have connected clients to out of state and out of network specialists to help obtain a diagnosis or treatment. We have helped with heating costs, medication fees, food and clothing needs. We have served Thanksgiving dinner to some who could not have one on their own or who did not want to be alone. We have partnered with other local organizations to hand out school uniforms, winter coats, school supplies, and cleaning and hygiene products. We are also able to grant wishes as well and have partnered with local businesses to provide family photos for client families, provided Christmas presents and trees, and fun days of pampering or relaxation for clients or for those caring for those with chronic diaereses. We have partnered with a local hospital to provide autism awareness nights for local communities and families. We have delivered over 1000 holiday/get well cards to our local hospitals and nursing homes.

Our clients have said that sometimes the best thing we provide is the chance for them to sit and meet with others experiencing some of the same things that they are going through and to know they are not alone.

All of these services would not be possible without the support of individuals and businesses that believe in this cause. Everything that we provide to clients comes from donations and grants from those who see the very real need for these types of services here in our area. We will continue this work and hope to expand with new and exciting things in the future.

Turn To Us is ran by volunteers.  The money raised in Carbon County goes right back into our community!  



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Next Steps...

Do you need help?  Call us.  Don't worry - we are a laid back and compassionate group.  We know it is hard to ask for help.  We know you are the one that has never had to ask for help - always helping and giving to others.  We are here for you!  570-732-4220

Can you help?  Please call  Alicia at 570-732-4220 or contact us so we can see the best fit for your talents and passion.  We need YOU!!