SPECTRUM Sensory Gym

Turn To Us SPECTRUM Sensory Gym Fee Structure 

Private Play ($45 per hour) 

  • This is an “enhanced” service where your child is able to access our gym by themselves or with family. 

  • Turn To Us will have a gym coach on site during this session. 

Private Group Play ($50 for two families- $70 for three families) 

  • This is an option for families who want to have their children in a more social setting that is more controlled than Open Play.  

  • Turn To Us has a facebook support group for mothers with autistic children. Feel free to join the group and start building some relationships. Turn To Us – Autism Moms 

Open Play ($10 for first child with diagnosis and additional $5 for each sibling 

  • The limit will be set to 10-12 kids in the gym at a time 

  • Open Play will feature children with different diagnosis and we ask that you consider this prior to booking Open Play time.  

  •  The Private Play option is available if you would like to see how your child reacts to the gym without others present. 

Birthday Parties ($125 per hour) 

  • There will be a max of 10-12 children  

  • The birthday girl/boy will receive a sensory kit as a way to make the experience a little special  

  • The rest of the children will receive one small sensory toy 

Organization Rentals ($15 per child per hour) 

  • This will be offered to different school groups, other agencies and any type of organization looking to form a partnership. 

  • These sessions require a five-child minimum or $75 


  • 10 hour-long sessions- $75 

  • 15 hour-long sessions- $115 

  • 20 hour-long sessions- $175 

  • These sessions are for one child. Each sibling would be an additional $5 per session 

Scholarships are available! Click on the link for the application or call 570-732-4220 to have one mailed.