Executive Director Alicia Kline and the one and only Keegan.  He has inspired so much of TTU.
Executive Director Alicia Kline and the one and only Keegan. He has inspired so much of TTU.

Our Approach

Our Mission

Turn To Us, a 501c(3) organization serving Carbon County and the Tamaqua area.

The mission of Turn To Us is to advocate for individuals and their families who are experiencing the impact of both major and chronic illnesses by offering personalized assistance and connection to available resources in a compassionate and hopeful environment.  We feel no one deserves to fall through the cracks.  When someone is overwhelmed with a diagnosis and thinks, “I don’t know where to turn for help,” we want them to turn to us.

What do we mean “major and chronic illnesses?” They include but are not limited to all cancers, ALS, MS, diabetes, heart disease, obesity, autism and autism spectrum disorders, celiac disease, lupus, scleroderma. If you have a question about an illness, contact us. Email Turn To Us

Program Details   After a person is diagnosed with a major or chronic illness, Turn To Us believes the focus should be on the patient – not doing research on the options and help available to them.  After speaking with their doctor and/or a medical social worker, there are still questions to answer and gaps to fill.  We will give one on one attention to every client and work on a case by case basis.  No question or concern is too small.  We would like to get the entire picture of what is needed and help where we can.

Turn To Us provides:

  • Assistance with necessities of life - clothing donations and connection to food pantries in  your town
  • Financial assistance via Krysta’s Miles That Matter (our gas gift card program through our partnership with The Krysta Hankee Memorial Fund) and Keegan’s Kash (our financial allowance program that assists paying bills such as prescriptions, co-pays, utilities, medical expenses, and car repairs)
  • Emotional support through client-only and community outreach programs such as Guys Night Out, Girls Night Out, and Family Nights.
  • Wish granting with Give Kids The World Village in Florida for sick children and mini wishes - everyday activities that so many take for granted - restaurant gift certificates, game tickets, movie passes, or photo sessions with a photographer.

Our Story

Our Story

Turn To Us was founded in March 2015, the doors to our office opened in July 2015 and we moved to a larger space in September 2016.  From Googling "How To Start a Nonprofit" to where we are today has been a miracle and blessing.  We did not do this alone! Our mission was very well received because disease hits everyone - everyone can identify with what we are doing.  The outpouring of community support is astonishing.  We are growing every day - both in client referrals and donations.

The program is volunteer ran because we understand the community we live in and support.  Your investment in Turn To Us is staying in Carbon County and the surrounding areas.  We are helping your family, friends, neighbors, and coworkers.  Your donation directly makes a difference in their battle with a major or chronic illness.

Meet the Board and Staff

Turn To Us is grateful to have such an amazing founding Board of Directors! Each bring a vast knowledge of the medical field and a personal story why they believe in our mission. It is this drive, passion, and compassion that makes this team so invaluable.  Our staff is dedicated to providing one on one connections with our clients and going above and beyond for each one.

Alicia Kline

Alicia Kline

Founder & Executive Director


John P. Evans



Keri Markley

Resource Coordinator

Dr. Nicole Sully

Dr. Nicole Sully


maria website page

Maria McGinley, PA-C



Becky Worthy

Fundraising Chair


Shalmar Herlihy-Mantz

Board Member


Reyna Sarnowski

Board Member

Next Steps...

Let us help you OR find out how you can help others.

Call 570-732-4220.  Email us [email protected]  Message us FB/TurnToUs