Hello Turn To Us. Welcome to the beginning of your new site.

Below you can see the details of our process here at Website Wannabe.  Your points of contact for the duration of the project.  As well as some FAQs and a section to submit a help ticket.  Please be sure to fill out your WEBSITE QUESTIONNAIRE before proceeding.




Website QuestionnaireOur Process

Our Process


Using your completed website questionnaire we define the needs and vision. of the project.


We work on a mockup design of your website and collaboratively reach a design vision.


We use the design mockup and your questionnaire to produce your working website. 


Once your website build is complete, we review the project together and adjust accordingly.


Website Design


How long Does Design take?

The timeline varies from project to project but you can expect your first design mockup within a few days of completing your website questionnaire.

How important is branding & a Logo?

Your site design should be based on your brand.   A logo is only one piece by which you express your brand but colors, culture, and related items come into play as well.

What is a Content Strategy?

This is defined by how the content on your page(s) will be expressed as well as where and how often.  You should consider how your content will convince your visitors to complete your desired action.  The strategy is how this action is expressed throughout the site and other online patforms.

Website Development


What is development?

Development is the act of building the site and its infrastructure.  It differs from design in that design is visualized in a design program outside of the website.

Do we use templates?

Generally, we build every site from scratch and do not utilize a premade website template (child theme).  It is our experience that individual needs rarely fit into a premade product.  Thus we approach each product from a clean slate and develop from there.  

How are Maintenance & Updates handled?

We offer a monthly management program that the vast majority of our clients subscribe to.  In this scenario, we handle all updates and maintain the site in good working order.  You can choose to manage the site yourself and your project manager will help guide you through that commitment. 

Your Points of contact

Chris and Drew are the project manager and lead designer on your project.

Throughout your website build, you will be working with these two team members.  Please let them know when they can be of assistance by submitting a support ticket.

Chris Tierney
Project Manager

Drew Colby
Lead Designer

Need help or have a question?

our support team is ready
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